Your thoughts and input appreciated

Good Morning Friends,

I’ve come to a few realizations lately and one big obstacle. So I’d like your help, input, assistance, thoughts or whatever you want to call it. As many of you know I’ve been wanting to make my income locationally independent. I have a decent gig, some might even call it a gravy train. But that train requires my presence in the Portland metro area.  For the past few years I’ve been moving the RV around Portland as a step toward a more mobile lifestyle. The end goal being able to work and travel at the same time instead of falling for the more traditional work yourself to death and then travel in retirement trap our society seems content to perpetuate.

I’ve been doing lots of reading, listening and general knowledge soaking up. I’ve come to a few conclusions. I like to share information and it makes me happy to impart this upon others. So that would make me a teacher if we have to boil it down to one word. The other thing I’ve come to understand is that my super power (no it’s not invisibility like I wish it was) is the ability to relate things to others well. Whether you want to call this “dumbing down” (personally I hate that phrase) or simply drawing analogies as often is the case it doesn’t matter. The point is, I’m good at that and it lends well to the first realization, that I’m a teacher.

So, the question for you is this, “what do I teach?” Yes, the initial gut answer is computers or something about computers. But I’m looking for something deeper, more specific or even totally different. What do you, as my friends and family, think are the topics that I could teach well?

If you have some input send me an email and if you don’t know which email to use you can just use my first name at this domain.

Thanks for your time,