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The Plan

Posted December 4, 2016 By Keith

First, thank you all for responding to my plea for help in the last post. There were definitely some ideas I hadn’t considered which is exactly why I asked! So, thank you for giving me exactly what I needed.

The plan moving forward is to build a few courses. The intent here is very much like learning to program, a “Hello World!” program if you will. The topic of that videos series, course, whatever it’s going to be called is Passwords.

Why passwords? I’m always hearing people complain about them; mention how difficult it is to remember them and how they always need to be changed…. the list goes on. Anyways, I want to answer those questions but to address the issue completely would be this massive wall of text and therefore no one would read it. That’s why I’m going to do a series of videos. A series so each topic or question can be brief and to the point but when you string them all together it’s a complete picture of the issue that is passwords.

Here’s where you come in. I want to know your thoughts, questions, frustrations, or whatever else you have to say about passwords.  You’ll be helping me greatly. I’ve setup a survey to collect your responses.

Please take the time to do this survey. It’s two questions, well, one really, the other is your email address. You don’t have to give your email address if you don’t want to but it will help greatly in reaching out to you about further topics, clarifications or maybe even share some early footage for feedback. The email address will stay with me. And feel free to share the survey with any friends, family or others that might be interested. The link to the survey is:

Thanks for your time,

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Good Morning World

Posted November 3, 2015 By Keith

It’s early in the morning on a Tuesday. I couldn’t sleep and had tons of data to move so I slipped off to Starbucks. A few days ago I hit the storage capacity of my Dropbox when I turned on Camera Uploads and nearly killed my limited data plan. Once the massive usage spike was noticed I quickly put a halt to it and have been itching to fix the problem. So, here I am at Starbucks bright and early “abusing” the WiFi.

Here I sit, watching people over the top of the laptop screen (not exactly exciting to watch 7.5GB of data being uploaded). We really do spend alot of money on coffee. This simple beverage has been elevated to an art and we pay for it happily. It’s 7am, 481 more pictures to be uploaded, the line for coffee is now to the door and a fourth barista has been added to the well oiled money machine. Other than two gentlemen that sat briefly to drink their coffee and read part of a newspaper I’m the only one sitting.  The rest are here just long enough to get their beverage and go.

Off we go to this hustle and bustle society. Do we ever just sit and enjoy the drink or has it just become part of the daily pattern needed for us to function?

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